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Massage Workshop
27.06. - 01.07.2022

Der Workshop wird von Harilaos aus Ikaria / Griechenland geleitet und findet auf einfachem English statt.
Nach dem Workshop kann ein Zertifikat ausgegeben werden.

●    Learn about the art and science of touch.

●    Understand and listen to your body so you can understand and hear the whole universe.

●    Learn how to activate our inherent, automated healing mechanism for ourselves and for others.

Abdominal Healing & Full Body Massage Course in Germany 2022

●    Learn about the art and science of touch.

●    Understand and listen to your body so you can understand and hear the whole universe.

●    Learn how to activate our inherent, automated healing mechanism for ourselves and for others.


We invite you to participate in the Healing Massage Therapy Course and to learn techniques for self-care and also for helping others.

At this workshop, you will learn how to recycle and transform negative energies, that obstruct the internal organs and the whole body by causing knots, stiffness, and pain; how to clear out the toxins and negative emotions; and how to energize, strengthen and detoxify the internal system and the whole body.


In this course, for the first 3 days, you will learn about abdominal massage and from the 4th day, you will learn full body massage techniques.


Massage is the oldest form of medicine known to humans and has been practiced for thousands of years. Among many forms of different massage therapies, one of the most healing ones is the abdominal massage, as our abdominal area is also known to be our second brain and when we accumulate a lot of stress and tension it can weaken our organs and reduce energy levels.


Besides abdominal, you will also expand your knowledge to other main parts of the body to be able to offer and share a more complete therapy for yourself and others (lower back, shoulders, neck, etc.).


With the Healing Abdominal Massage Course (3 days) you will be able to give a 1 hour sequence,

with the Full Body Massage Course (5 days) a 2 hours sequence.



Day 1: Introduction

●    What is Chi Nei Chang?

●    Nature and the universe

●    Navel center and body structure

●    Techniques for preparing and protecting yourself

●    Practicing the wind gates

●    Hand Techniques

●    Relaxing the diaphragm

●    Self-treatments

Day2: Tonifying the organs and releasing emotional energies

●    Lungs

●    Spleen

●    Liver

●    Kidneys

●    Heart

●    The area around the navel

Day3: Detoxifying the Organs

●    Lungs

●    Stomach

●    Pancreas

●    Liver

●    Spleen

●    Kidneys

●    Heart

Day4: Side Position

●    Lower Back

●    Hips

●    Upper back

●    Scapula

Day 5: Prone Position & Sitting Position

●    Neck

●    Head

●    Shoulders

●    Arms

●    Legs

●    Hips

Techniques for caring for yourself and draining negative energy 



About the facilitator

Charilaos began his deep spiritual journey and bodywork in 2006, studying Yoga, Tantra and practicing Vipassana.

The universe knocked on his door in 2012, that’s when he found a

mentor and went to Thailand to study the art of Thai yoga massage. He had the opportunity to learn and experience different styles from some of the great

masters such as Pichest, Sinchai and Mr. Nat (school for the blind).

Over the years of practice, Charilaos has created his own style of healing

therapeutic massage.

The name Charilaos means “benevolence towards people”. So he discovered that one of his life purposes is to help people through massage. He is also a chef, a natural builder and he cultivates his own food. As such, he is always connected to Mother Earth, as this makes him capable of deeper and more therapeutic massages and classes.


‒    6 or 4 nights of accommodation in a house at the village Limburgerhof, Germany

‒    Course and course materials

‒    Certificate upon completion





320€ for Abdominal Healing Massage Course (3 days, 4 nights)

520€ for the Full Body Massage Course (5 days, 6 nights)

Max. 10 participants

Min. 4 participants

* No previous knowledge is necessary.


To book the course you need to pay a deposit of 99,00 Euro and the remaining amount should be paid before the course starts.


All bookings are fully refundable in the event of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

** This workshop must be booked at least 10 days in advance. **

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